🐱 max!
🌹 he/his (trans)
🎉 jul 08 (23)
⭐ cancer ☉
⭐ leo ☽ sag ↑
🇵🇭 filipino
🌏 eng/fil ok

😁 likes
taeyong, my friends, baking, catboys, cats, collecting photocards, sylvanian families
😟 dislikes
non-taeyongs, edgy stans, 4th gen boy groups, fancam spammers, ppl obsessed w reclaiming slurs
📚 other interests
baking, astrology, tarot, visual art, graphic design, psychological horror
💑 besties
agata, amira, ariana, bee, daf, esai, flav, jae, jasmin, jen, kas, kiyah, lara, leila, luzy, lyn, lyric, mada, megan, moth, nat, nee, nia, nikki, niya, noah, noor, oph, reena, rie, skim, sof, teo, tomi, vee, zuzu
❗ byf
im nsfw. 127 only. i mute/block freely, no need to sb to unf. i ship idols and write fic for fun.
❌ dfi
under 16. terf. pro-ccp. ed twt. hate solo stans. hate kpop shippers. btspopper. babywol. mainly dreamzen/weishennie.
i wish i didnt have to say this but if you are antiblack, racist, homophobic, and the like... get the hell off my account
❗ please tw
dec 18, oct 14, suicide in general, death, self harm, eds and disordered eating, diets/starving (esp in a kpop context), genderbend/genderswap art, nsfw mark tweets as "nsfm"

💗 ults
taeyong, minho
💖 semi-ults
johnny, seulgi, mark, kibum, taeyeon, yukika
💘 biases
wendy, monday, jaehyun, dami, jinsoul, kyungsoo, yunho
solo stanning lucas, sulli, chenle
nct 127 171005shinee 170529red velvet 170103
taeyeon 1910229muses 191109deukae 180506
yukika 190612weeekly 200802loona 180330
kpop republic🇵🇭171028
best choi's minho🇹🇼190303
invitation to nightmare city🇵🇭190324
kpop world music festival🇵🇭190609

❤️ ships
johnyong, minkey, doyujae, jongyu
💔 notp
johnten, jaeyong, yuwin, 2min, jongkey, older nct members with 7dream like johnmark and hyuckil

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