23 he/his JUL08
trans mlm, filipino
cancer leo sag
eng/fil OK
learning 한국어


taeyong, my friends, baking, catboys, actual cats, sleeping in, listening to ggs, making playlists, collecting photocards and merch, watching horror game walkthroughs before bed, journalling, looking at sylvanian families collections


non-taeyongs, edgy stans, ppl who shame solo stans, ppl who disrespect senior groups, fancam spammers, nctzens who blame taeyong for everything, ppl who constantly quote anti tweets, ppl who make suicide and death ""jokes""



nsfw, 127 only, i ship idols and write fic for fun, i mute/block freely, i will call out/be disappointed in my faves if they fuck up, i tweet abt my personal life too, im mentally ill and i tweet abt therapy, medication and general treatment stuff.

i stan ot8 snsd and 2vxq (no ot9 or db5k), idc about 4th gen bgs, i dont like bts and btspoppers.

no need to softblock to unfollow, but i like interacting with people on the tl even if we arent mutuals. if you dont want that, sb.


under 16, don't like rpf/rps, pro ccp, terf, radfem, ed twt, hate solo stans, babywol

mainly: dreamzen, weishennie, army, superM ult, ot9 sone/golden star

if you are a minor DO NOT interact with my nsfw tweets. i will hard block!!!

please tag!

dec 18, oct 14, suicide in general, death, self harm, eds and disordered eating, diets/starving (esp in a kpop context), genderbend/genderswap art, nsfw mark tweets as "nsfm"

i tag the above + nsfw and food. mutuals dm if you need anything else tagged. if i missed tagging a tweet, let me know!


other interests!

baking!!, astrology, tarot, visual art, graphic design, psychological horror

anime: evangelion, utena, perfect blue, ghibli films
games: animal crossing, pokemon games (until gen5), persona 2-3, among us, hotel dusk, sims, style savvy, silent hill 1-2


alphabetical order: amira, ariana, bee, daf, esai, flav, jasmin, jen, kas, lara, leila, luzy, lyn, lyric, mada, megan, moth, nat, nee, nia, nikki, niya, noah, noor, reena, rie, skim, sof, teo, tomi, zuzu

gcs: nct simp agenda, besties aka 𝖎’𝖑𝖑 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖈𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 aka among us gc


johnyong, minkey
✓ doyujae, jongyu
johnten, jaeyong, yuwin, johnmark, markyong, hyuckil, 2min, jongkey

by ships, i mean romantic and sexual ships, not friendships!

stan list

stan list!

ults: taeyong and minho
semi-ults: kibum, johnny, mark, taeyeon, seulgi, yukika
biases: wendy, monday, jinsoul, dami
solo stan: sulli, chenle

groups + soloists!

nct 127, shinee, red velvet, 9muses
dreamcatcher, fromis_9, weeekly, loona
taeyeon, yukika, bibi


nct 127 171005
shinee 170529
red velvet 170103
taeyeon 191022
9muses 191109
dc 180506
yukika 190612
weeekly 200802
loona 180330

other artists!

aoa, boa, brave girls, chungha, dalshabet, dalsooobin, exid, dia, exo, f(x), gwsn, ha:tfelt, kara, ladies' code, miss a, secret number, s.e.s, seventeen, stellar, sulli, sunmi, t-ara, tvxq!

i listen to superM, but i dont care about the group, i only care about taeyong.


chvrches, deco*27, eraserheads, fob, femm, gloc 9, hachi, jolin tsai, lady gaga ('09 to '11), lana del rey ('11 to '16), lorde, purity ring, rina sawayama, wowaka


k-pop republic 🇵🇭 171028
best choi's minho 🇹🇼 190303
invitation from nightmare city 🇵🇭 190324
k-pop world music festival 🇵🇭 190609


PRONOUNS: he/his
GENDER: Trans man
BIRTHDAY: 970708 (23)
RACE: Filipino
ZODIAC: Cancer sun, Leo moon, Sag rising
LANGUAGES: English, Filipino, learning Korean

BYF: I tweet NSFW. I only stan 127. I mute/block freely, no need to softblock to unfollow. I ship idols and write fic for fun.

DFI: under 16. don't like RPS/RPF. terf. anti solo stans. babywol.