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about πŸ’Œ

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max m. 🌹

he/his, 23, JUL08
trans mlm, filipino
cancerβŠ™ leo☽ sag↑
eng/fil OK
learning ν•œκ΅­μ–΄

more info on pronouns here
carrd inspo 1 2


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i tweet nsfw, 127 solo stan (aka not ot23),
ot8 snsd/2vxq only, idc about 4th gen bgs, i don't like bts and armys

if you always quote anti tweets of any of my faves (esp taeyong) i probably won't fb

i use the block button freely :)

no need to sb to unfollow, but i like to interact with people on the tl even if we aren't mutuals, so if you don't want that please sb!


under 16, don't like rpf/rps, pro ccp, terf/radfem, ed twt, hate solo stans, babywol, mainly dreamzen, weishennie, army, superM stan, ot9 sone/golden star

please tag

dec 18, oct 14 , suicide in general, self harm, eds and disordered eating, diets/starving, genderbend/genderswap, nsfw mark tweets as "nsfm"

i tag the above + nsfw and food. mutuals dm if you need anything else tagged.

more πŸ’•

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other interests

baking!! , astrology, tarot, visual art, graphic design, psychological horror/thriller
anime evangelion, utena, perfect blue, ghibli films
games animal crossing, old pokemon games, persona 2-3, hotel dusk, sims, style savvy, silent hill 1-2


amira, ariana, bee, daf, esai, flav, jasmin, kas, lara, leila, luzy, lyn, lyric, mada, megan, moth, nat, nee, nia, nikki, niya, noah, noor, reena, rie, skim, sof, teo, tomi, zuzu


βœ” johnyong, doyujae (nct 127)
βœ” minkey, jongyu (shinee)
✘ johnten, jaeyong, yuwin, sexual johnmark, markyong, hyuckil (127)
✘ 2min, jongkey (shinee)


πŸ’— welcome to MAX's room! πŸ’—

stan list ✨

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ults πŸ’˜

taeyong, minho


kibum, johnny, mark, taeyeon, seulgi, yukika


wendy, monday, jinsoul, dami, sulli*, chenle*


groups + solos

nct 127, shinee, red velvet, taeyeon, 9muses

bibi, dreamcatcher, fromis_9, weeekly, yukika, loona

nct 127 171005
shinee 170529
red velvet 170103
taeyeon 191022
9muses 191109
dc 180506
yukika 190612
weeekly 200802
loona 180330

misc k-pop ❣️

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other artists

aoa, boa, brave girls, chungha, dalshabet, dalsooobin, exid, dia, exo, f(x), gwsn, ha:tfelt, ladies' code, miss a, s.e.s, seventeen, stellar, sulli, sunmi,
t-ara, tvxq!

* i listen to superM, but i only care about taeyong.


k-pop republic 171028
best choi's minho 190303
invitation from nightmare city 190324
k-pop world music festival 190609